Selling and Auctions

Weighting fish at Plymouth Fisheries

An efficient sales process is key to you getting the best possible price for your catch. The Electronic Auction Theatre in Plymouth Fisheries at Sutton Harbour is managed by our partner, Plymouth Trawler Agents; a truly independent auction company. By embracing technology we are able to secure the best prices for you.

Why are we so successful? We continue to attribute our success to our belief in an industry that has been at the heart of our community for many hundreds of years, and the close partnership with Plymouth Trawler Agents (Tel: 01752 262816). This combined with embracing technology has ensured growth year on year for our fish market at Sutton Harbour and continued profitability for the vessel owners and skippers landing to us.


Since its opening in 1995 our Fisheries Manager and Harbour Master, Pete Bromley, has strived to provide a facility that he would have personally wanted to land his catch and work from as a fisherman. This combined with the state of the art Electronic Auction Facility makes Plymouth Fisheries at Sutton Harbour the best place to land and sell your catch.


Given the easy accessibility and excellent facilities, Plymouth Fisheries at Sutton Harbour is able to act as a selling hub for fish arriving overland from all over Wales and the South West, securing top prices for skippers working from those smaller ports that are without auction facilities.