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Seafood is one of the most versatile food ingredients with there being more than 100 different types available around the coast of the UK. Not only is it delicious, it is low in calories, high in protein and rich in the vitamins, minerals and natural oils that does wonders for our bodies.

Eating a selection of different fresh fish and seafood regularly is said to help protect us from an array of serious diseases including heart disease, alzheimer’s, cancer, depression and arthritis. It also helps us to maintain healthly skin and brain function.

The Food Standards Agency advises at least two portions a week with one of those portions ideally being an oily fish which can help to reduce the risk of heart disease and improve your chances of survival following a heart attack. 

SEAFISH, the authority on seafood provides an excellent recipe bank with ideas of appetising and nutritious seafood meals whether you are looking for breakfast, starter, dinner or something more specific for a BBQ, a party or for the festive season. To view these recipes please click here.

Main Meal

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SEAFISH produces these two guides; one that aims to help chefs, caterers, processors, retailers and consumers alike, understand the wonderful array of fish and shellfish available from fishmongers and fisheries in the UK, and another that helps consumers to see the benefit of a seafood diet with detailed species information and their availability along with basic information on preparing seafood including filleting and portioning whole fish. 

Download SEAFISH Seafood Guide

Download SEAFISH Healthy Guide to Buying, Preparing, Cooking, Sourcing Seafood

For more recipe ideas on a regular basis follow our social media channels where we often post our ‘catch of the day’ news, ideas for the day’s fish supper and inspiration and footage from the award winning chefs and restaurants around Sutton Harbour.

We will also be posting links to local recipes here soon – so watch this space!