Harbour Master addresses House of Lords committee

Pete Bromley, Harbour Master

Pete Bromley, Harbour Master

The Sutton Harbour Harbour Master Pete Bromley gave evidence to a House of Lords select committee this week (Wednesday 8th May) regarding the success or otherwise of the landing obligation (widely referred to as the ‘discard ban’) which came into full force in January.

Following a high profile public campaign to stop the practice of discarding fish, which was made necessary by the lack of available quota for many of the species vital to the viability of the South West fishing flee, Plymouth Fisheries and its parent company Sutton Harbour Group have been actively working with the Government to ensure that the policy makers are fully aware of the practical implications of such action.

Four months after the full implementation of the landing obligation (discard ban), an invitation to give evidence at a the select committee was welcomed by Pete Bromley as a valuable opportunity to discuss the early impact and effects of this legislation at the highest level, and for Government to hear the views of the industry first hand.

Plymouth Fisheries and Sutton Harbour Group remain committed to the South West region’s fishing industry and continue to work towards its continuing success by providing the infrastructure in Plymouth’s Fishing Quarter required of a modern fishing fleet, as well as continuing to work closely with local and national Government.

You can review a video of a live feed of the select committee session at which Pete Bromley gave evidence here: