The Best Seafoods for Autumn


The leaves are starting to turn brown, the cold is slowly starting to creep in and before we know it, we’ll be wrapping up with woolly scarves and hearing the distant sounds of jingle bells.

Autumn is just around the corner and although many different types of fish are widely available and of great quality all year round, some are at their peak at specific points of the year.

Plymouth Fisheries upholds very high standards of the condition and quality of the fish we sell, but we’ve compiled a list of some of the fish that will be in tip top condition in the next few months.

Here are seven types of seafood, available from Plymouth Fisheries, which will be at their best this autumn.


Of course, the nation’s favourite is available all year round, but our king cod is the perfect autumn fish. Although not caught in quantity by UK vessels off the South West coast, our cod sustains its high-quality condition and is sold to many takeaways and restaurants in and around Sutton Harbour. Now there’s no excuse not to have a takeaway every #FishFriday in the next few months.


The best crabs are the heavy ones so make sure when you’re buying one that there isn’t liquid sloshing inside, or it’s not worth eating! Brown crab is the most commonly eaten crab in the UK, it’s full of sweetness and is a great source of protein but if you prefer your crab really sweet go for the females. Although its quality is at its best from September, when October hits you might find it’s harder to get a hold of.


Cuttlefish come from the same family as squid and octopus and are commonly caught off the South West coast. These molluscs vary in colour, but are often a blackish-brown and normally live for up to two years. They’re top quality in the autumn and are a great alternative to squid.

Dover Sole

This slipper-like flatfish is usually found in sandy and muddy areas and proves to be a versatile fish for cooking. It can be fried, poached and grilled to name a few methods. Getting it from Plymouth Fisheries you’ll find it in tip top condition throughout autumn.


Found in the Atlantic Ocean, Monkfish are also known as sea-devils and the fish is a favourite among chefs due to its firm texture and white, meaty flesh. Monkfish is widely available in the South West during autumn, it may look scary in the water but it’ll look amazing on your plate!


This flatfish is another that commonly features on the menu of fish and chip takeaways and restaurants. It has a mild, sweet flavour and is great if you’re watching the calories, not to mention it’s a rich source of protein and low in fat. Plaice will be plentiful in the lead up to Christmas.


Fresh is best for this silver skinned fish. It’s bold in flavour, full of omega-3 fatty acids and doesn’t break the bank. Their quality is long-lasting, and the best time to buy is from October into the spring.

For more information on the best quality seafood for any time of the year, go to and look through the SEAFISH Seafood Guide.