National Seafood Week, launched by Seafish provides the focus to celebrate the very best that seafood has to offer and get us to start eating more fish in our every day diets. With over 100 types of seafood available to buy in the UK on any given day we have a lot to celebrate!

During the week Plymouth Fisheries will be exploring the health benefits of eating more fish. We will be posting ideas, tips and facts for you to share and enjoy.

As part of the week, and to help with encouraging consumer to buy, eat and experiment with seafood dishes, Selfish have also published the following guides.

Cooking seafood: Grilling, frying, poaching; there are many options to choose from when it comes to cooking your perfect fish fillet, but preparing seafood is delightfully simple. Have a look at some preparation tips, cooking ideas and recipes here > 


National Seafood Week at Plymouth Fisheries

Seafood can really help our bodies to stay fit and healthy. In fact, experts recommend that we try to eat two portions of seafood a week - but why is it so good for us? It's jam-packed with nutrients, vitamins and minerals that help to keep our bodies in shape and an excellent source of Omega-3, a very important fatty acid that our bodies can't produce on their own. On our social media pages all week, we will be looking at the health benefits with 10 special shareable infographics. But you can find more information here too >

For more information and facts, Selfish have produced a special Seafood Guide, a comprehensive 64-page guide to fish and shellfish available in the UK with information on species, sustainability, traceability, recipes and techniques >

Don’t forget that you can come along to Plymouth Fisheries and see what we do here for yourself, you can also purchase fresh fish straight from some of the traders based here. For more information have a look at the following pages >