Market Hall

Workers at Plymouth Fisheries

In September 2014 the annual UK Sea Fisheries Statistics report was published by the Marine Management Organisation, showing that Plymouth Fisheries at Sutton Harbour had the second highest quantity of landings in England last year, with 11,600 tonnes of fish including shellfish landed during 2013, with a value of £13.5million. 

Fishermen that choose to come to Plymouth Fisheries at Sutton Harbour can place their landed catch in chilled storage prior to grading to preserve the quality of the product. All fish landed for sale at the fisheries auction is electronically graded and weighed during the evening or overnight prior to sale.

Plymouth Fisheries continues to play a vital role handling fish landed in ports all over the South West, and Sutton Harbour Holdings plc continues to invest in the facilities in Plymouth to guarantee continued support to an UK fisheries industry which is vital to the South West economy.

Work is well underway on the installation of the £1.2m ice production facility within Plymouth Fisheries at Sutton Harbour, which will enable us to run 4 separate machines capable of producing 30 tonnes of ice over a 24hr period. It should be complete in Spring 2015.

In summary our Market Hall can offer you:

  • Full traceability for your catch
  • Two chillers
  • Box washing
  • Loading bays and trailer power points
  • Forklift truck
  • 24 hour security and CCTV
  • Electronic grading and weighing
  • Independent auction company