Buying Seafood

Fresh fish at Plymouth Fisheries

Seafood is available to purchase (retail and wholesale) from Sutton Harbour Fisheries in the merchant units from either Moby Nicks or Rex Downs Fish Merchants. Both stock a wide selection of fish and seafood and will be happy to help you find what you are looking for.

Moby Nicks
Unit 11 Fish Quay,
Sutton Harbour Fisheries,
PL4 0LH.
Tel 01752 266610
7am - 4pm Monday to Friday

What to look our for when buying Seafood
When buying a whole fresh fish ensure that the eyes are bright and not sunken, that the skin is shiny and moist and has a firm appearance. The fish should have a pleasant sea-fresh aroma when really fresh.

If buying fillets ensure that they are neat, firm and well trimmed and these should have a white translucent appearance.

Smoked fish should look glossy and have a fresh 'smoky' aroma.

When buying shellfish such as mussels or clams, ensure shells are tightly closed without any gaps, cracks or chips.

A good rule of thumb for purchasing lobsters and crabs is that they should feel heavy for their size.

If buying frozen seafood make sure that the fish is frozen solid with no signs of partial thawing in packaging that is undamaged.