Fresh fish at Plymouth Fisheries

Buying Fish & Seafood

Seafood is available to purchase (retail and wholesale) from Plymouth Fisheries at Sutton Harbour in the merchant units from Moby Nicks, RG Seafoods or Rex Down Fish Merchants. Both stock a wide selection of fish and seafood and will be happy to help you find what you are looking for.

Moby Nicks
Unit 11 Fish Quay,
Sutton Harbour Fisheries,
PL4 0LH.
Tel 01752 266610
7am - 4pm Monday to Friday

Rex Down Fish Merchant
Unit 4 Fish Quay
Sutton Harbour Fisheries
Tel 01752 220293
6.30am - 1pm Monday to Saturday

RG Seafoods
Unit 2 Fish Quay
Sutton Harbour Fisheries
Tel 01752 814040

Buying fish from a fishmonger in Plymouth, at a fish market, or from Plymouth Fisheries at Sutton Harbour will ensure that you are choosing a local recent catch. Buying from a supermarket can be overwhelming and confusing; how fresh is it? What does sustainability actually mean? Has it been farmed? How should it best be cooked? 

Being able to ask questions about how, when and where your seafood was caught is the beauty of buying locally and buying fish from Plymouth Fisheries at Sutton Harbour. It allows you to be experimental, it allows you to find alternatives and most importantly it creates a sustainable market by reducing consumption of the same ‘safe’ fish. 

Local fish markets in the UK, such as Plymouth Fisheries, are able to provide you with experts to talk to you about sustainable fishing methods to reassure you. The numbers of fish sourced from the waters in the south west are dwindling far less than in the North Sea and buying from our suppliers and fishmongers will have a positive impact on the marine environment.

The ongoing success of Plymouth Fisheries at Sutton Harbour is belief in an industry that has been at the heart of our community for many hundreds of years and the close partnership with the Plymouth Trawler Agents.

The Plymouth Fisheries Manager and Sutton Harbour Master, Pete Bromley, spent many years working on fishing vessels which enables him to fully understand the needs of the catching sector and provide up to date fisheries information. Since the opening of the new fisheries complex in 1995, the aim has been to provide a facility where he would have personally wanted to land his catch and make it a place that he would be happy to work from as a fisherman.

Award winning food writer, restaurateur and fishmonger, Mitch Tonks, is the owner of Rockfish at Plymouth’s Sutton Harbour, right next to Plymouth Fish Market and is a great supporter of the local fisheries industry. He believes that the South Coast of England is Britain’s Seafood coast and the best fish in the world is landed here. He said; “I feel privileged to have access to this fish direct from the markets - making sure we serve the best sourced fish, with sustainability & quality at the top of our daily buying.”

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What to look out for when buying fish or seafood in any fisheries in the UK

A guide to fresh fish at Plymouth Fisheries

When buying a whole fresh fish ensure that the eyes are bright and not sunken, that the skin is shiny and moist and has a firm appearance. The fish should have a pleasant sea-fresh aroma when really fresh.

If buying fish fillets ensure that they are neat, firm and well trimmed and these should have a white translucent appearance.

Smoked fish should look glossy and have a fresh 'smoky' aroma.

When buying shellfish such as mussels or clams, ensure shells are tightly closed without any gaps, cracks or chips.

A good rule of thumb for purchasing lobsters and crabs is that they should feel heavy for their size.

If buying frozen seafood ensure the fish is frozen solid with no signs of partial thawing and that the packaging is undamaged.